Persistence / Wildness / Trust

Pearl Abyss wants a person of persistence
We don't want a person who gets easily frustrated by a small failure and choose to give up.
We want a person who can keep on pursuing his goal without suffering from hardship and adversity

Pearl Abyss wants a person of wildness.
We don't want a person who is absorbed in small success and is satisfied with the present.
We want a person who keeps a passion to breathe deeply in his heart and always thirst for new challenges and success.

Pearl Abyss wants a person of trust.
We don't want a person who forsakes his or her faith for little greed.
We want a person who we can trust, rely on and work together.

Jobs sector


Combat Action Design
Artificial Intelligence Design
Level Design & Balancing Design
User Interface & Experience Design
Contents & Project Planning Design


Character Concept Artist
Character 3D Artist
World Concept Artist
World 3D Artist
FX Artist


Engine Program
Contents Program
Web Program
DB Program
Audio Program


Music Compose
Sound Design

Service Unit

Game Management
IT Infra

Game Business

Project Manage
Communication Manage
(Western/Japan/China/Russia/Latin America/etc)


Management Support

Recruiting Guide

Submit Resume

Job posting on the homepage
Check and submit documents

Job evaluation

Work performance evaluation
depending on the job

Co-worker Interview/Board member interview

Co-worker Interview/Board member interview (If necessary)
Personality evaluation

Final acceptance

Working conditions agreement
confirmation of working day. Final acceptance

※ Only the applicant who passed each step will proceed on to the next.