Pearl Abyssians

The Story of a Polish Gentleman Who Became a Team Lead of Global Services

Pearl Abyss is fortunate to have staff hailing from all corners of the world. Over the last several years, the company has created a multinational workplace where people from all walks of life and countries have come together to make the world’s finest games. Recently, one such member of Pearl Abyss was promoted to the position of team lead. This honor was earned by Polish-born Mateusz Trzciński. This is his story. 

How did you end up working for a game studio in South Korea? 

Long story short, I graduated as a Korean Studies major in Poland and came to Korea as an exchange student. After studying for two years in a Korean Language School, I began job hunting and decided to pursue a childhood dream of mine, which was to work at a game studio. I began by working for a different studio for two years before landing a job at Pearl Abyss. 

How do you find South Korea’s workplace culture? 

When I was in Poland, I worked in the local branch office of a Korean conglomerate, and the experience taught me a lot about Korean workplace culture. The place was, how should I put it… full of overly serious men in suits, (laughing). On the other hand, it felt quite comfortable working for a Korean game studio. There wasn’t a strong expectation to adhere to a strict hierarchy, as I expected, the workplace was always full of energy, and most importantly, people were encouraged to speak their opinions. 

How did you manage to become the team lead at a Korean game studio? 

When I was part of the operations team, I was always on the lookout for the most efficient ways of working, and I tried very hard to find ways of applying user feedback to the game. Last year, I was assigned to handle the transfer of Black Desert Russia’s operations services and completed the task without any major hiccups. I guess the higher-ups at the company thought I did a good job of handling affairs both big and small. 

How challenging do you find your current job? 

It isn’t easy being the team lead of global services for Black Desert Console, which is my current job title, but I’ve managed to become confident at handling new kinds of work. I have to say, my years of experience working in so many different areas such as operations, business development, and the transfer of operations services have helped. Right now, I’m keeping myself busy by trying to find ways to make the team I’m managing more efficient. 

If you were to describe Pearl Abyss in a nutshell, what would it be? 

Open minded. Pearl Abyss is a company that I’d say is very open minded to foreigners. In other companies, I’ve seen many instances of foreign employees being relegated to simple translation tasks and not given the chance to do other work. At Pearl Abyss, it seems like foreigners are given the chance to show what they’re capable of. Oh, and not to forget, the company also rewards its employees for the efforts that they put into their work. The place obviously isn’t perfect, but in a lot of ways, I’ve noticed that the people here are willing to actively adjust their work processes so that they can better collaborate with their co-workers. This is something that I’d say makes working at Pearl Abyss even more enjoyable.