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Pearl Abyss: Where Work Meets Play

Han-gyeol Seo is better known as Big Brother Han-gyeol among Black Desert enthusiasts frequenting the community forums. His tall and handsome demeanor and quick-witted commentary have made him an iconic figure that many Black Desert users simply can’t get enough of. Mr. Seo shares some of the behind-the-scenes stories that led him to become the face of Black Desert. 

How did you start your career as a professional game caster? 

When I was still in my early 20s, I was working in a completely different line of work. It was only after I got lucky and won first place at a game casting competition that I decided to pursue a career as a game caster. Some encouraging words from one of the producers at the event also helped me to come to the decision, I must say. Thereafter, I began to really make a name for myself as a game caster for LOL and Starcraft competitions. It was a time when I really put in an effort to participate in every large tournament out there. 

How did you first become associated with the Black Desert franchise? 

I was assigned the task of creating video content for Black Desert Online when I was working at KakaoGames. At first it was all about the work, but with the passing of time, I found myself genuinely enjoying making content on the Black Desert franchise. This led to an opportunity for me to create Black Desert TV, and I can say that I had loads of fun with the fans of the Black Desert franchise during this time. I was lucky to have awesome fans who genuinely appreciated the effort that was placed in creating the content I prepared. 

How did you end up working at Pearl Abyss?  

I was pretty let down when I learned that Pearl Abyss had decided to service Black Desert in-house. But I got lucky and got a call from Pearl Abyss offering me a job as their Black Desert Online content broadcaster. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to continue working on Black Desert at Pearl Abyss. 

How do you find your work at Pearl Abyss? 

I still remember the first meeting I had at Pearl Abyss. I pitched a few ideas that I thought might work, and to my surprise, they were all accepted! I felt at home and immediately came to the realization that Pearl Abyss is a place where I could be myself at work. Ever since, I’ve been busy discussing new things about the game and finding creative ways to apply user feedback to the game. The fun never ends at Pearl Abyss. I feel extremely lucky to be able to mix my love of the Black Desert franchise with the work that I do. The best days are when I wake up in the morning and successfully enhance my items before I go to work. It gives me a little something to show off to my coworkers, (laughing). 

What goals do you have for the future? 

I ultimately want to inspire as much fun and excitement as I can for our fans. It also goes without saying that I want to become a better content creator of games as well. I especially want to become better at finding creative ways of applying user feedback to the game, and I’d be very happy to do my part in making Pearl Abyss known as an exceptional user-friendly servicer of its games.