Pearl Abyssians

Sculptor→ ”H” Heavy Industries→ Gaming Industry: Sculpting a Dynamic Life

Working a steady job as a sculptor for a reputable firm, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking Ju-Hyun was satisfied with his life. However, he was unable to give up on his goal of working in a more creative field, and it was through sheer coincidence and luck that he was introduced to the world of 3D sculpting. At 30 years of age, he had started a new chapter in his life. 

Working at a Major Conglomerate…

I was a sculpture major, and created three-dimensional art with clay, stone, metal, and wood. After I graduated, I continued my creative work as a sculpture by curating solo exhibitions, as well as entering group exhibitions. But in reality, it was difficult to earn a living. 

Through an awesome opportunity, I got a job at “H” Heavy Industries. It was a stable job, but I had to give up my major. But feeling unsatisfied with my current job, I would often create sculptured pieces in my free time.    

Sculptor Fascinated by the 3D World

Sculpting has a lot of obstacles, such as heavy-duty labor, storage, and even the weather. One day, I came across a 3D scanner and was fascinated by how it didn’t have any environmental restraints. And when I used a program called ZBrush, it really felt as if I was sculpting in real life. That’s when I started recreating game and movie characters I liked. Fascinated by 3D work, I decided to change my career path, immediately signed up for a 3D graphics course, and started building my portfolio. 

Why I Chose to Work at Pearl Abyss

While preparing to be a Character Modeler, my goal was to work at a gaming company in Korea that was known for creating high quality games: Pearl Abyss was that company. Thankfully, despite having only a portfolio and no professional experience, I was hired at the company.   

How I Approach a New Job 

I am a firm believer in working meticulous on whatever I’m given, something I remind myself of every day. And with each new day, I push myself further and further. I am really appreciative of my co-workers as well. When I get stuck, they are so supportive and always happy to help me along the way. Their advice has been so helpful. 

A Different Work Culture at Pearl Abyss

My previous company had a top-down work culture — where managers would usually have the final say on any decisions made. But at Pearl Abyss, the work culture and environment are quite different. People are encouraged to voice their thoughts and engage with each other, and it’s acceptable to simply refer to each other by name. That was something I could never imagine doing at my previous workplace! At Pearl Abyss, one of the things I’m told most often is “You don’t have to worry about it.” It took a while for effects of the previous work culture to wear off.  

Dream Reality at Pearl Abyss  

In the midst of developing and launching a new project, my co-workers and I are always eager to see our work come to life. Even the thought of it alone is exciting and rewarding. I hope to continue my work developing high quality games, and I’m grateful that I’m able to develop and learn new things every day.