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Online Charity Event at Pearl Abyss

Many of us have found ourselves stuck at home dealing with the difficulties of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As such, Pearl Abyss and its employees decided to organize a charity event to reach out to children all over the world. 

One of three customizable gift kits was selected via an online platform by employees.

These were then sent to Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and various other regions of East Asia.  

[Online Gift Kits: Charitable Purpose] 

1. Corny Dolls (stuffed doll): Corny dolls were sent to provide some relief to vulnerable children whose lives have been affected by war, poverty, and family dissolution.

The dolls were intended to help the children find a little joy and well-being during these tough times.


2. Leapers (shoes): ‘Leapers’ were provided to children in need of shoes — an essential item to prevent risk of injury and disease.

Small cuts are often left untreated and can easily become contaminated, leading to a greater risk of developing serious disease. Leapers were sent to provide protection and help prevent this scenario from occurring.   


3. Pop-up Book (literature): ‘Squeaky Clean’ pop-up books were provided to educate children on the importance of hygiene.

These books were sent in light of the COVID-19 pandemic to reinforce the importance of hygienic practices and raise awareness of preventive measures.


(WorldShare Website: 

[Interview with the Pearl Abyss Social Contribution Manager] 

#Online Charity Event 

We wanted to provide our employees with a corporate charity event—a way to give during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Due to our current circumstances, we wanted to organize an event employees could contribute to without having to leave their homes. We wanted to facilitate an approachable and engaging event that provided employees with a fulfilling and meaningful experience. Making this event inclusive of friends and family members allowed it to be even more special. 


#Participants of the Event 

What with everyone’s busy work schedules, we were worried we might not have enough helping hands. There was no need to worry though, as we had a very successful event. It was nice to see all the positive feedback we received from employees, who were grateful for this opportunity to give back. It was very gratifying for the organizing committee.   

There are many ways to give during COVID-19, and Pearl Abyss will continue to promote the importance of caring and the benefits of change.

Thank you for your support.