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Pearl Abyss Signs Strategic Partnership with JIB, Largest PC Distributor in Thailand


NOV 02,2017

Pearl Abyss has partnered with JIB (Computer Group Company Limited), the largest PC distributor in Thailand, to accelerate its entry into the Southeast Asian market.

Pearl Abyss announced in a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand on November 1st that it signed a strategic partnership agreement with Level Up Games, a subsidiary of JIB, for the Black Desert Thailand service. Through this alliance, Pearl Abyss will provide a stable local operating system and marketing services from Level Up Games while operating its own service for Black Desert Online.

JIB, the parent company of Level Up Games, is the largest PC distributor in Thailand with over a 70% share of PC distribution. They operate with more than 140 physical locations in Thailand and is the number one online Internet shopping mall in the IT sector. JIB and Level Up Games will support the marketing and operation of Black Desert Online in Thailand with its local distribution network and infrastructure.

"We expect to be able to provide a stable gameplay environment in Thailand through the partnership agreement," said Kyung In Jung, CEO of Pearl Abyss. "We will show the best game to our Thai fans who have been highly anticipating Black Desert Online."

Nawaphan Piyawannakorn, the CEO of Level Up Games said, "We are delighted to have the world-class game Black Desert Online in Thailand. As a strategic partner, we will do our best to provide 24-hour customer service."

In addition, Black Desert Online will be showcased on November 2nd, to the audience at Commart Thailand 2017, the largest information technology exhibition in Thailand. Pearl Abyss will also be participating in the Thailand Game Show 2017, the largest game show in Southeast Asia for three days from November 3 to 5. The company invested a lot of time and effort into preparing a large booth to promote Black Desert Online.

Meanwhile, Black Desert Online, which is in service in more than 100 countries in seven regions, launched their official websites in Thailand and Southeast Asia on October 31. Pre-orders started in Turkey, the Middle East and Africa in September. Black Desert Online, which has become a global IP, is expanding its platform with mobile and console versions of the game.

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