We are Destructive Creators
Dismantling Our Own Ideas to Create a Better One



Our Culture

Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience through extraordinary gameplay.
We pursue with our goals with great passion and aim to create a quality game.
We are not afraid to question our own ideas
and break them apart to create a better final product.
We are independent and self-driven,
We do not hesitate to express our ideas.
We believe teamwork leads us to greater achievements.

Speak Directly

Pearl Abyss is built on foundations of
Direct and Fast Communications.
We actively tackle problems
by communicating with each other
instead of waiting for issues to be raised.

Express Our Ideas

We are not afraid to let ideas and opinions collide. Cooperation is based on Trust and Respect.
Being ready to listen to others
is just as important as being vocal.

Searching for Solutions

Excellence is important,
but we put more value on people who can
Improve Beyond the limits.

Identify Problems

Focus as a group to understand the problem,
and Work Together to solve it.
Offering a solution is more important than defining accountabilities.

Take the Initiative

We are not afraid to embrace new challenges.
We encourage people to take Immediate Action,
instead of too much planning or fearing failure.

We believe that these challenges
are opportunities to unlock our potential.

Top-Notch Quality

We strive for excellence.
We persistently search for the most
Optimum Answers
until the very last moment.