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Pearl Abyss launches Art Center in a commitment to produce the best videogame graphics

Do you remember the first time you felt fully immersed in a video game? 

As if the screen was a gateway to another world?  

Pearl Abyss is driven to create realistic in-game worlds that meet the highest standards in all areas our users encounter.   

High quality, realistic graphics sit at the core of Pearl Abyss’ games.   

We’ve devoted a lot of time and energy in our drive to create graphics of the highest possible quality. For example, we’ve invested in the best motion capture and 3D scanner studios in Korea, as well as other investments geared towards achieving this goal.    

But we’re not content unless we’re pushing the boundaries, and that’s why we’ve decided to build the Pearl Abyss Art Center in order to develop truly cinematic-quality games.     

The Pearl Abyss Art Center will be based in Anyang and consist of a five-story building 4958.68 ㎡ in size that will specialize in video game technology and design research.   

The motion capture studio alone is 991.74 ㎡, and will house 150 individual motion capture cameras, hence the need for a 9m ceiling height unobstructed by pillars! This vast space will enable wire action and the capture of a range of other diverse motions.   

The Pearl Abyss Art Center will serve as an important hub that will not only further enhance Black Desert, but also play a crucial role in perfecting the development of Crimson Desert, DokeV, and Plan 8. We hope you're as excited about it as we are! 😊