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2021 Gamescom and DokeV

Gamescom 2021 will be an unforgettable memory for all of us.   

When the new DokeV trailer was released at Gamescom, it received explosive attention and praise from gamers all over the world.    

DokeV TrailerDokeV - World Premiere Gameplay Trailer | gamescom 2021 

Especially deserving of gratitude are all the users of Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile, who have always been with us, and have showed so much love and support for the game. The world of DokeV and all the Dokebis who grow and play within it, would not exist without your endless support, so thank you.    


DokeV Developer Commentary: Game Overview

A game overview video created by the developers was introduced along with the trailer video.    

‘We wanted to create a game where the whole family can play, where you would go on adventures with Dokebis.'

CEO Kim Dae-il said that the inspiration for DokeV first stemmed from the excitement he felt watching Ghost Busters as a child. For us, video games are all about recreating that same feeling of child-like wonder and excitement.   

Of all the feedback the trailer received, the most heart-touching came from those who commented on how excited they were about “playing the game with my whole family.” All of us developing DokeV have a simple dream of introducing children to adventures that capture the same excitement and joy that we experienced ourselves when playing video games at their age.   

In the overview video, we tried to expand on themes that weren’t fully expressed in the trailer and share our feelings of anticipation for the adventures soon to come in the beautiful world of DokeV! 😊