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Black Desert launches Great Expedition and Sycraia content

May 27, 2021

Manhattan Beach, California May 27, 2021— Today, Pearl Abyss announced a massive update for Black Desert Console, adding both the Great Expedition content as well as the Sycraia Underwater Ruins, a new high-level grinding spot. The highly anticipated update brings new questlines, ships, a bartering system and various in-game events and improvements.

Watch the trailer here!

The Great Expedition brings new content and activities to the Margorian Sea to excite Adventurers on PlayStation and Xbox. Features include: 

  • To traverse the Great Ocean, players will captain their own vessels. Players can obtain 2 new starter ships such as the Bartali Sailboat, which can be upgraded to the existing Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate vessels or the Epheria Cog, a new temporary ship. Both new ships are easy to obtain.
  • As players progress, the Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate vessels can be upgraded  leading respectively to the Epheria Caravel or the Epheria Galeass. The Epheria Caravel is a trading ship with plenty of space for trading and bartering and holds 30 inventory slots and a 10,000 LT Capacity. The Epheria Galeass is a fearsome warship featuring 4 cannons on each side. 
  • Once at sea, captains can engage in exploration, rescue missions, trading, sea monster hunting, treasure seeking and naval warfare. 
  • A new bartering system, allowing players to negotiate ship-to-ship trading, and a new currency, the Crow Coin, spread by a secretive organization and known to bring great riches and glory for those lucky enough to gather them.
  • Ship upgrade materials and player enhancements can also be obtained through bartering with Papu and Otto Barterers, spread across islands throughout the Margoria Sea.

The Underwater Ruins of Sycraia create a new experience for high level-players. The region includes:

  • The Architectural wonders of a flooded civilization with monsters, ancient weapons and more hidden throughout the nooks and crannies of a beautiful underwater seascape. 
  • A new boss to challenge: Sycrid, a large aquatic monster guarding valuable rewards for the bravest adventurers, including Tungrad Rings, Black Stones, Capras Stones, and Memory Fragments.

To celebrate this massive content drop, Pearl Abyss is organising a myriad of in-game events in which adventurers can obtain a new Epheria Cog and Sailing EXP by completing daily quests. An Epheria Sailboat or Epheria Frigate can be obtained by collecting Ancient Coins of the Deep Sea by defeating monsters in Sycraia.

Pearl Abyss would also like to stress that adventurers who play the game on PC have just four days left to transfer their account from Kakao Games to Pearl Abyss. After the May 31 deadline non-transferred accounts will be deleted and will be permanently lost. There is good reason to transfer as Pearl Abyss offers welcome bonuses in the form of a Tier 4 Young Pomi pet, a Now or Nouver in-game title, a Weapon Exchange Coupon x 3 and 1000 cron stones.