Pearl Abyss, where the finest teams come together
to create the No. 1 game in the world!

We create games.

We are committed to delivering the finest standard of quality across all user-facing elements of our games
and aim to present an unforgettable experience and an original sense of excitement.

  • About Us Our Vision and Value Our Vision and Value

    Our Vision and Value

    We create the finest games
    the world over.

  • Global Lab Our Competitive Edge Our Competitive Edge

    Our Competitive Edge

    Learn how we deliver
    the best experience.

  • Our Culture Our Culture Culture

    Our Culture

    How we work at Pearl Abyss
    as destructive creators.

We are not afraid to challenge and overthrow
our own ideas for a better outcome.

We are proactive and independent.
We quickly apply ideas from anyone capable of delivering a better experience for our users.

  • Speak Directly

    We strive to communicate as quickly as possible.

  • Express Ideas

    We are not afraid of conflict in the pursuit of better outcomes.

  • Find Better Ways

    We embrace change for the better.

  • Make Problems Known

    We tackle problems together as a group.

  • Take the Initiative

    We take actions first without fear of failure or excessive planning.

  • Pursue Excellence

    We strive for excellence until the very last moment.

We seek those who share our values.


We welcome setbacks with open arms
and push through the trials and tribulations that stand between us and our goals.
We seek those who demonstrate perseverance.


We carry within an impassioned desire
to change the status quo
and thirst for challenge and newfound success.
We seek those who are driven to reach their goals.


We look beyond our desires
and remain steadfast to our commitment to others.
We seek those who inspire trust.

Grow among exceptional colleagues in each of their fields.

  • Programming
  • Art
  • Game Design
  • Audio
  • Business
  • Game Service
  • Management Support

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