Game Introduction

Global Service
  • PC & Console (XBOX ONE, PS4)
Open World MMORPG
Extraordinary Adventures and Immersive Combat
Remastered Version of Our Adventure Awaits You
  • 20 Million Players
  • 21 Awards
Global Service
Dynamic Action, Intense Battles
High Quality Graphics, Customizable Character
Epic Game Contents in a Massive Fantasy World!
We invite you to the World of Black Desert Mobile
  • 28 Million + Downloaded
  • 17 Awards
Global Service
  • Action Battle Royale
  • PC & Console
Dynamic Team Action Battle Royale.
Enter a world of intense and action-packed combat
with a unique cooperative PvP team battle.
  • Early Access
In Development
  • Open World Action Adventure
  • PC & Console
A saga written in blood.
Experience the untold tale of mercenaries struggling to survive in the unforgiving lands of Pywel.
Find out more in the world of Crimson Desert.
In Development
  • Open-world MMO
  • PC & Console
Shake the World! DokeV!
Casual Open World Adventure
World Full of Loveable Stories
Find the DokeVs who grow with the people's hopes and dreams!
Embark on an exciting adventure with them!
In Development
  • Exosuit MMO Shooter
  • PC & Console
An Unfamiliar World
With an Unforgettable Message
Realistic Graphics and Stylish Action in an Open World
Dive into PLAN 8