Shareholder Composition

Total Number of Issued Shares


Shareholder Status

Sep 30, 2022 UTC+9 Standard

Board of Directors
Main Shareholders Number of Shares Ratio
Kim, Dae-il 23,552,510 36.7%
Managements 4,709,763 7.3%
Treasury Shares 2,959,575 4.6%
Others 33,014,007 51.4%

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors
Name Position Careers
Kim, Dae-il Chairman & Executive Producer Gamasoft
NHN Games
Heo, Jin-young Chief Executive Officer CPO, Daum Games
Yoon, Jae-min Vice President CEO, Game About
Ji, Hee-hwan Chief Technology Officer NHN Games
Kevin Kim Chief Business Officer Onnet, Daddyface

Independent Director

Independent Director
Name Position Careers
Han, Jung-hyun Management Advisor BS in Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
MS in Computer Science, Univ. of Cincinnati
Ph.D in Computer Science, Univ. of Southern California
1996~1997 : Researcher, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) under US Department of Commerce
1997~ 2004 : Associate Professor of Information and Communication Engineering, Sung Kyun Kwan Univ.
2004~ Present : Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Korea Univ.
Choi, Hyeong-kyu Management Advisor BS in Computer Science, KAIST
2013~2015 : Director, NHN Entertainment
2015~ Present : CEO, Devsisters ventures


Name Position Careers
Hong, Sung-ju Auditor 2012 ~ 2015 : CEO, Daum Games
2016 ~ Present : CEO, TeamO2