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Pearl Abyss to Establish Korean Game Industry’s Largest Art Center

Jul 12, 2021

Seoul, South Korea—July 12, 2021—Pearl Abyss today announced its plan to establish the “Pearl Abyss Art Center (tentative name),” a new building specializing in game technology and design research. 


Pearl Abyss is investing 30 billion won (USD 26 million) to build a five-story building with a gross floor area of 5000 square meters (1600 sq. m site area). Located in Pyeongchon, Anyang City, it will be the largest art center in the Korean games industry and is planned to open in the first half of 2022. 


The Pearl Abyss Art Center will consist of various departments including a new motion capture studio, which will be built as a large column-free space structured with steel trusses. The 1000 square meter studio will feature a floor-to-ceiling height of over 9 meters, and 150 motion capture cameras, allowing for more varied and efficient motion capture shootings with more access to space. 


Pearl Abyss has already been actively investing in game technology by operating its own top-quality motion capture studio, 3D scanning studio, and audio studio equipped for Foley recording. The Black Desert IP was built with Pearl Abyss’ own proprietary engine and has met with much success in the global market. The company has also received recognition for its game quality and service capabilities, realistic 3D graphics, and outstanding illustrations and actions. 


“We plan to create more realistic and cinematic games through the art center,” said Jeakwon Kim, Executive Head of Division, Art Sector. “It will be a technologically advanced base for Pearl Abyss to improve the quality of new titles such as Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8 as well as the Black Desert IP,” he continued. 


In the meantime, Pearl Abyss’ new headquarters is also under construction in Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town and is expected to be completed in the first half of 2022. The new office will be 15 stories high with five underground floors and provide an environment to advance game development and increase work efficiency. 


About Motion Capture 

Motion capture is a technological process that digitally transfers the movement of an object or person using sensors. It is used not only in movies, but also in various industries including games, the military, entertainment, sports, medical care, and robotics. In games, motion capture technology is applied to large-scale console and PC games such as Black Desert, to produce more realistic movements. Pearl Abyss is actively utilizing motion capture technology to bring more detailed movements and actions to Black Desert as well as our new titles.