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Ocean-Themed Atoraxxion Content Sycrakea Arrives in Black Desert

Oct 6, 2021

Manhattan Beach, California —Oct. 6, 2021— Pearl Abyss announced the second act of the recently added Atoraxxion dungeon, Sycrakea, has arrived in Black Desert, while the update will be available in console version on Oct. 13. This exciting content will enthrall Adventurers who are looking for a new co-operative PvE challenge. 

Atoraxxion is a co-op dungeon designed specifically to introduce new PvE content challenged by groups of five Adventurers. Following the desert-themed Atoraxxion act Vahmalkea, the new Sycrakea act has been updated to offer a mysterious yet beautiful dungeon located under the water. Adventurers can enter Sycrakea by using a Talibre’s Tear in the Ancient Stone Chamber or through Elribta’s Door. 


Watch the trailer HERE. 


Sycrakea has a higher level of difficulty than Vahmalkea. Adventurers can discover and clear a new array of puzzles and challenges while hunting monsters, including the ultimate boss, Centilutos. The Power Supply system is the winning strategy for defeating Centilutos, so controlling this system in cooperation with others will be key. 


To celebrate the arrival of the new dungeon, the Sycrakea Game with streamers will take place until Oct. 10. Each streamer will recruit four Adventurers and live-stream their gameplay completing various missions in Sycrakea. For every mission streamers and their parties complete, a coupon will be given to all Adventurers in Black Desert. 


More in-game events will occur and offer various items that will help Adventurers through Sycrakea. Rewards including special furniture items will be given for completing quests and defeating the boss in Sycrakea.