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Mar 28, 2023

Channel Your Rage Through Elemental Powers and Celebrate Igneous’ Arrival With an Array of Special In-game Events

Manhattan Beach — March 28, 2023 — Popular Korean publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced today Igneous, Black Desert Mobile’s latest class, is available now to download and play. Igneous’ arrival will be celebrated with reward-filled in-game events.

  • WATCH Igneous’ Combat trailer here and Preview here
  • DOWNLOAD Igneous’ Combat trailer and Preview trailer here

To welcome Igneous’ arrival, Pearl Abyss will offer a host of Black Desert Mobile in-game events. Starting today, Tuesday, March 28, until Monday, April 10, players can participate in the ‘Igneous Unravels His Arcana!’ event and receive the ‘Igneous’ Arcana’ item which can be exchanged to in-game materials needed for improving players’ character stats.

A separate event, the ‘Igneous Level Up Event”, is also live now. This offers players an opportunity to claim valuable in-game items when their Igneous character reaches certain levels until it reaches level 70. This event starts today and runs through Monday, April 24.

Igneous’ Icy, Fiery Skills

Igneous uses elemental powers to trap his enemies and strike them down with blazing flames over their heads. The Igneous character wields four active skills upon creation and can learn additional skills by leveling up.

  • Aqua Jail Explosion: Igneous creates a barrier made of ice-cold water, trapping and overwhelming his foes with a powerful explosion.
  • Calamity: Igneous unleashes his rage onto a wide area with burning flames, dealing damage over time.
  • Bolide of Destruction: Igneous summons a powerful fireball and hurls it to the ground, knocking down enemies. Combine with qs to increase the size of the fireball and inflict damage in a larger area.
  • Savantgarde: Igneous protects himself with elemental resistance, increasing his power in water and fire elements.

For more information about the Igneous class and celebratory events, please visit the official Black Desert Mobile website.


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