Press Releases


Dec 12, 2023

Manhattan Beach, CA — December 12, 2023 — During this difficult time of divisive wars, upheavals, and continued epidemics, Pearl Abyss America revealed today it has partnered with Doctors Without Borders to gift $10,000 USD to its operations.

Pearl Abyss America works directly with its game communities in the North and South America regions, and Doctors Without Borders actively delivers emergency medical aid to people affected by conflict, disasters, epidemics, and social exclusion to more than 70 counties, including the United States, Mexico, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru, and Venezuela.

As part of Pearl Abyss America’s company goals to create, support, and participate in thriving communities, to support people and players in need, and to practice continuous social responsibility, our team strives to remain an active, relevant benefactor to its neighbors, partners, and friends.

In the last several years, Pearl Abyss’ global team actively has participated in a handful of humanitarian efforts to help global communities in need. In February of this year, Pearl Abyss donated $50,000 USD to support earthquake recovery for the crisis in Turkey. In 2022, Pearl Abyss donated $100 million won ($82,000 USD) for emergency medical aid in Ukraine, gifting 7,000 trees for the restoration of Turkey’s forests ravaged by fires that same year. In 2021, based on a socially driven in-game event involving Adventurers’ purchase of “Warm Sweaters”, Pearl Abyss gifted 100 million won ($82,000 USD) to Doctors Without Borders. And in 2020, Pearl Abyss donated 100 million won ($82,000 USD) to non-profits for the victims of the bushfires in Australia.