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Introducing the Pearl Abyss 'Taipei Office'

We would like to introduce you to the various Pearl Abyss offices around the world.

The first is the Taipei Office (TPO). Established in 2016, this was Pearl Abyss’ first international office.

About TPO! 

The Taipei Office (TPO) is a subway stop away from the central airport of Taipei, Songshan Airport — highly-convenient then for transportation! It currently has 60 employees, all mostly locals, including Bu Min, who is the HOO (Head of Office). The Taipei Office is currently in charge of games servicing and marketing, as well as partial game development responsibilities alongside the AYO. Located in a metropolis area, there are various other offices nearby as well as many wonderful, budget-friendly dining spots for employees to explore! 

What do they do? 

TPO is committed to promoting Pearl Abyss' games to users in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao through online and offline marketing platforms. Their aim is to familiarize users with the games and also to provide them with an enjoyable experience via various in-game events. They also run an operations center to address and respond to user feedback.  

They have also been working on the 3D modelling of Black Desert and our other upcoming games for several years now, and continue to expand their field of work in concept art and animation. Recently, TPO was even fitted with motion capture equipment to expand upon this area of work further. 

What are the perks of working at TPO?   

An oft cited benefit of working at TPO is the generous benefits package. The AYO is well-known for providing employees with outstanding benefits, and TPO has sought to adopt this standard for itself by providing benefits adapted to the needs of its employees and the local culture. Furthermore, as most of these employees belong to a younger age demographic, TPO has paid particular attention to establishing a work environment that is flexible and energetic. TPO employees also periodically engage in team-building activities to cultivate a cohesive and positive relationship with one another.


<Office Kitchen at TPO> 

This may not appeal to everyone, but one of the perks of working at TPO is its location. The office is only a minute walk away from the subway by foot, and when you consider Taipei’s hot and humid climate, you might understand why this minor detail is such a big deal. Being able to hop from home straight into the office is a great way of escaping the heat!


<City view from the TPO office>

Do difficulties arise due to the distance between Korea and Taiwan?

Physical distance is inevitably going to create some problems — however, resources such as phone calls and conference calls are fully utilized to reduce any possible miscommunication, or lack of communication, that physical distance could cause. The management team at AYO has been tremendously supportive in this regard.♥


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