Pearl Abyss News

Pearl Abyss Broadcasting Studio

Located in a spacious building beside AYO (Anyang Office), the studio will be used to stream and record a variety of in-game content.

Pearl Abyss has been broadening its scope of video content in order to connect with more users across the world.

Forced isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the importance of video content, and a subsequent flood of new content has allowed users to be more selective in their choice of media. In light of this, the Pearl Abyss Studio was established to increase the quality of video contents and ensure it meets the expected standards of our viewers.

The newly founded studio has three filming rooms with in-built console rooms specially equipped for recording videos and live-streaming content. As well as Black Desert PC/Mobile, Shadow Arena, and other service-related content, the Pearl Abyss Studio is also equipped to facilitate Esports broadcasting as well.

We look forward to providing you with new in-house content featuring employees here at Pearl Abyss, Esports tournament broadcasts, and much, much more.

We hope the Pearl Abyss Studio will enable us to connect with users all over the world and bring them enjoyable and creative content.

Thank you for your support.