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[Behind Black Desert] On the scene with Black Desert staff preparing for “CalpheON Episode 2!”

Black Desert’s CalpheON Episode 2: Behind-the scenes photos revealed!

Black Desert’s global conference “CalpheON Episode 2” was held this past March 26. Many looked on with interest especially for such a conference to be held in the month of March.

Black Desert PC, Console, and Mobile has regularly held bi-annual events for their users, with the “Heidel Ball” in the first half, and the “Calpheon Ball” in the second half of the year. The Heidel and Calpheon Balls have been ongoing for some time now, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these meetings were converted to an online format starting in May of 2020’s “Heidel Ball at Home.” Since then, these online gatherings have been held twice per year, with the most recent being the “CalpheON - Episode 2” on the 26th. 

[ Posters for the online events ]

[ Offline “Calpheon Ball” where Adventurers met with the staff (a nostalgic time, indeed) ]

Holding these events online wasn’t the same as being able to meet and greet the Adventurers in person, so we’re revealing several behind-the-scenes moments on preparing for and presiding over the actual event itself. 

We hope that showing the making of this event, as well as moments during it, will give you the feeling of being there in person. 

[ Final camera test before the rehearsal! ]

Here we see the evening rehearsal on the night before the actual event. It’s the same process we go through as when we hold this event offline, where we sometimes practice up to 4 or 5 times. There’s plenty of content to present, and with the event being broadcast live, we end up rehearsing late into the night, and continue early into the following morning. 

[ Rehearse like it’s live! ]

Here we have MC You Si-eun, Black Desert Executive Producer Jaehee Kim, and MC Heo-jun, dressed casually. They look a bit different from their live appearances, don’t they? 

[ Staff with broadcasting equipment (there’s more outside the shot) ]

Here we see countless staff checking the equipment as they work behind the scenes to ensure that the broadcast goes live without a hiccup. The Black Desert online conference is broadcast live in 9 different languages with countless Adventurers attending from around the globe, so many items need to be checked and re-checked. 

[ Real-time translations for global Adventurers ]

[ Jesse Joo, Head of Game Design Division, recording the developer commentary (CalpheON D-4) ]

For this event, many of our attendees were interested in learning more about the new class “Drakania.” Throughout the live broadcast, we showed several pre-recorded videos covering the details of this new class. This picture looks familiar, right? It’s Jesse Joo, Head of Game Design Division. While we only showed snippets of this video during the CalpheON event, we can now reveal it in its entirety! Check the link below! 

Besides “Drakania,” we also revealed our plans for Audio Remaster 2, new Balenos cutscenes, Illezra opening tutorial, personal monster zones, specialized inventory for Artifacts and Lightstones, new outfits, and more. 

After each event, we here at Pearl Abyss hold reviews of how the entire event was carried out, discussing what went well, what we need to improve upon, and so forth. We look at it as an introspective time to better prepare for taking up the precious time of our Adventurers in these events we hold twice a year. 

[ Bidding our farewells to our Adventurers at the closing ceremony, 'See you next time' ]

Thank you all to our global Adventurers who watched 'CalpheON Episode 2.' Your sustained interest and meaningful suggestions will continue to aid us in the constant improvement of our services. Two years have already passed since COVID-19 pandemic began. We look forward to seeing all our Adventurers again in person when the COVID-19 pandemic finally comes to an end.