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Pearl Abyss Celebrates their first-ever 12th anniversary at Home One.

Pearl Abyss celebrates its first birthday at Home One on September 10th, 2022!

Ever since Pearl Abyss was founded on September 10th of 2010, the entire team has been working towards the shared goal of creating the best game.  

In celebration of Pearl Abyss’ 12th anniversary, we took this moment in time to share our gratitude for the entire team at Pearl Abyss and to continue working toward bigger and better dreams. 


At the new office of Pearl Abyss, Home One, we held a company-wide event that carried the themes of “togetherness” and “new beginnings,” at the anniversary event.  

Everyone was delivered gifts at their desk on the day of the event, which was a great start to their day. 

The Home One Edition windbreaker symbolizes the entire team as one, running toward our goal. 

Additionally, we also held a “Dear Future Me,” event on the day. Team members wrote their hopes and dreams at Pearl Abyss, to be delivered to them, from them, in the following anniversary year. 

Of course, a celebration isn’t a celebration without great food!

For all the hard-working foodies of Pearl Abyss, “Pearl’s Dream,” a special menu and drink was served on that day. 

For dessert, team members were served the highly rated and raved about donuts from Cafe Knotted! 


After lunch, a small flea market event was held as well. 

The “Pearl Abyss Flea Market,” was held in support of the Sharing & Giving community, a charitable campaign that has been going on at Pearl Abyss.  


Many members at Pearl Abyss participated in the event and left with full hands and hearts. 

While actively developing our game, we sometimes forget to express our gratitude for one another. 

So, a compliment box was set up on every floor for all teams, to provide the opportunity send words of encouragement and gratitude for each other.


Even in the midst of a busy workday, many members join in the event. 


Then, they held an event where cards were randomly selected with the CEO, and read aloud to share the wholesome messages with everyone. 

We would like to express our gratitude to all those at Pearl Abyss who have been running strong through our 12th anniversary and continue to strive to create the best game. 😊