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New Class Drakania is finally arriving in Black Desert Console on May 25

May 11, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF., - MAY 11, 2022 – Today, Pearl Abyss announced the new class Drakania is finally arriving in Black Desert Console on May 25. All this time, console adventurers were eagerly waiting to get an update on the new class's arrival, and it's finally coming. The new class Drakania is a female class that's a descendant of the legendary dragon that wields a Slayer and Shard.

Black Desert Console players can now start pre-creating the new class to receive various in-game rewards and enhancement materials to prepare for its arrival on May 25. The game will also introduce 'Season: Drakania' along with the new class launch, which will allow players to grow their character and acquire various seasonal rewards once they complete a set mission.

With the new class update, the game has revamped the Abandoned Monastery, one of the monster zones in the Calpheon region. The monster zone is now revamped into a co-op, with added chances of boss spawn. Players can now enjoy more competitive gameplay with their friends at the Abandoned Monastery and work their way to defeat the monsters they encounter to obtain their loots. Furthermore, players will also have an opportunity to acquire a new accessory, which allows variety in gear planning and offers more accuracy stats.

For more information on the latest update, please visit the Official Black Desert Console website here.