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Major Kamasylvia update coming to Black Desert Mobile

Feb 28, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF., - FEBRUARY 28, 2022 Black Desert Mobile, the open-world mobile MMORPG developed and published by Pearl Abyss, today launched its newest region Kamasylvia, a mystical forest that has never been reached by strangers outside the gate.


Starting with a quest in the northeast of the region, players will be able to learn about the long history of Kamasylvia and stories behind mysterious elves living in the forest. Once completing the mission, adventurers will be rewarded with new titles for a character and knowledge, which will help players to move forward with their journey.


For players who are eager to fight the evil force, a battle with a new boss Narc Brishka is awaiting. This angry, but clever creature living in a cave located deep in Manshaum Forest, is hard to defeat. Adventurers who are strong enough can dare to slay the monster and ultimately, bring peace to the forest. Defeating the boss will give players the knowledge of Narc Brishka Boss, which will increase the defence power of a character.


Along with the region update, Black Desert Mobile has set up various seasonal events filled with handsome rewards to welcome adventurers into the spring. Four events will take place throughout February and March, and players who successfully complete missions will be delighted to receive valuable items for level up and crafting. Below is a sneak peek of upcoming events and rewards.


     Spring Relay Mission Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7)

     Dark Coin (up to 300,000), Chaos Crystal (up to 1,000)

     Spring Holy Vial Size Up Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7)

     A increased level of Holy Vial of Splendors

     Spring Bounty Mission Event (Feb 28 after maintenance - Mar 7)

     Caphras Secret Book Page, Lapis Lazuli, [Abyssal] Accessory Crate

     Complete Great Desert Temple Mission (Mar 1 - Mar 31)

     100% Great Desert Hot Time (20 minutes), Frozen Purified Water, [Mystical-Primal] Elion Rune Chest

For more detailed information, check out our official website here. To play Black Desert Mobile for free, please download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play.