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Black Desert Celebrating 6th Anniversary with Month-Long Events and Rewards

Feb 23, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF., - FEBRUARY 23, 2022 - Black Desert Online is Celebrating Its 6th Anniversary with Month-Long Events and Rewards.

Since its launch in North America in 2016, the Black Desert franchise has gone on to generate over $2 billion dollars and acquired more than 40 million global players in its lifetime, making Black Desert Online one of the most successful MMORPG titles ever. To show gratitude and support to the community, Pearl Abyss is marking the 6th anniversary of Black Desert Online by bringing month-long events that celebrate the upcoming birthday of the game on March 3.

Black Desert Online’s 6th Anniversary event kicks off this week starting February 16 and will run through March 16, showering players with raffle events, item drops, login rewards, hot time buffs and more.

On March 5, the game will hold a special anniversary livestream on it’s official YouTube and Twitch channels where players can participate in fun events and earn special rewards. Adventurers will have an entire month to complete the 6th anniversary event challenges.

Below is a sneak peek on players can expect during the Black Desert Online’s 6th Anniversary: 


  • Week 1 Event

       Valentine Event, Hot Time Event, Item Drop Event, Buff Event

  • Week 2 Event

       Garmoth/Vell Extra Spawns, 100 Loyalty Shop 

  • Week 3 Event

       Artifact/Lightstone update, Special Login Rewards, Anniversary Livestream

  • Week 4 Event

       J’s Special Gift, Lifeskill EXP

  • Week 5 Event

       Atoraxxion 1+1 Rewards, Guild Login Rewards 


Also coming up on March 2 is Black Desert Console’s 2 year cross-play anniversary as well as 3rd anniversary for its Xbox title release. Pearl Abyss will bring special in-game events and exciting rewards to celebrate.