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Pearl Abyss Officially Publishes the Black Desert Franchise Worldwide

Jun 23, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF., - JUNE 23, 2022 – Pearl Abyss, the South Korean developer and publisher best known as the developer of the Black Desert franchise, announced they are officially self-publishing Black Desert Online in South America starting today. 

New South American Adventurers can begin playing Black Desert Online on Pearl Abyss’ new service through the official South America Black Desert Online website and on Steam. Existing South American Adventurers can continue playing Black Desert Online by transferring their accounts from RedFox Games service to Pearl Abyss’ new service through the official South America Black Desert Online website

All existing Adventurers that transfer their account by September 23 will receive special enrollment rewards, including an Exclusive Pet, Special Title, Special Furniture and Weapon Exchange Coupon. Enrollment rewards will be delivered to the Adventurers via in-game mail once their account transfer is complete. 

Pearl Abyss has also revealed a special video to show appreciation to the Adventurers, which was made by collecting clips from Adventurers worldwide to share special memories of Adventurers in-game to commemorate the launch of self-publishing Black Desert Online worldwide. Check out the trailer here

To celebrate Pearl Abyss’ new service of Black Desert Online in South America, the game is offering an ultimate package deal, with a big discount on Traveler, Explorer, and Conqueror Edition Packages. This ultimate package deal can be purchased on the official website and Steam page. 

Package Deal Period

- Official Website: June 22, 2022, after maintenance - July 6, 2022, before maintenance 

- Steam: June 23, 2022, 10:00AM PDT - July 7, 2022, 10:00AM PDT 

Black Desert Online is also bringing special login rewards in-game, where special items will be offered daily for 21 days. Players that log into the game consistently during this period will receive exclusive items daily for 21 days which includes Shudad’s Tier 3 pet, Classic outfit box, and ultimately, Premium outfit box on Day 21. 

A weekly hot-time event will also be hosted in-game, where players can earn unique hot-time buffs to level up faster in-game. Hot-time buffs include an ultimate boost in Combat and Skill EXP, and buffs that increase the Item Drop Rate. The game will offer stronger hot time buffs by the week to provide players an opportunity to earn greater rewards during the event period. Adventurers should look forward to enjoying a variety of different events that the game will be hosting in-game. 

Pearl Abyss now officially publishes the Black Desert Franchise worldwide with 45 million players to date, making Black Desert one of the most successful MMORPG franchises in the market across PC, Mobile and Console platforms.