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Black Desert Mobile Introduces a New Region, Challenging World Boss and Revamps Nightmare Content

Jun 28, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, CALIF., - JUNE 28, 2022 – Pearl Abyss, the South Korean developer and publisher of Black Desert Mobile, has announced major content updates today for its popular mobile MMORPG. Adventurers can look forward to exploring a whole new area called Navarn Steppe, which also introduces a challenging world boss. The revamped Nightmare content combines PvE and PvP into one unique experience.  

Navarn Steppe is a vast grassland that lies to the north of Lemoria Central Camp in the Northeast of the Kamasylvia region. It is home to Feather Wolves, Belladonna Elephants, Ferrinas, and Black Panthers. Here, players can challenge a brand-new world boss named Ahib’s Griffon. Adventurers that successfully manage to beat him can look forward to valuable rewards depending on the damage they dealt to it. Ahib’s Griffon will be spawned at a random location in the Navern Steppe every Friday at 9PM PDT Server Time. 

The revamped Nightmare content (now called Twisted Nightmare) invites players to an instanced battleground where they will fight against other adventurers while defeating challenging boss monsters at the same time. In this lawless battlefield, players will have to strategically employ their skills and coordinate their attacks whilst cooperating with their guild members to hold their ground. 

Twisted Nightmare is accessible for players that defeated the boss Gavelle, who lurks in the East Valencia region. Players can play this content once a week through the Dark Rift that appears in the Velia region. Players can choose to play this content solo or with other players in their guild, which will allow them to receive extra guild rewards every time the Nightmare Boss’ HP is reduced by 5% and their guild has inflicted the highest damage.  

The most powerful boss in Twisted Nightmare is Nightmare Turaka. Defeating this boss monster will allow players to seal the rift and receive valuable rewards.