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Black Desert Simultaneously Launches Drakania Awakening for PC and Console

Jul 27, 2022

MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. – JULY 27, 2022 – Today, Pearl Abyss launched the Drakania Awakening update in Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console. Today’s launch marks a major milestone for the game and company in simultaneously updating both the PC and Console versions together. 

The Awakening update offer an entirely new playstyle for players to experience, but it also contains a new questline with lore about Drakania and her draconic heritage. The update also adds a new season: Dawn of Dragons, which includes quests for adventurers to unlock Drakania’s Awakening which offers a faster level-up and gear support to players. All Dawn of Dragons season content will only be available for PC players on the North America, Europe and South America servers.

Watch Drakania unfurl her ashen wings in the newest gameplay trailer here.

Free Game Pass Event from July 27 to August 17

All new Adventurers that reach level 50 during the event period will be able to claim a free game pass, which allows players to access the game permanently. If new players complete the Succession or Awakening quest after reaching level 56, they will be automatically registered in a raffle for the Conqueror Edition, which includes rare items and in-game currency that are equivalent to 90 USD in total. Existing players can also take part in this raffle once they enhance their three Tuvala gear to PEN-level with a new season character. This event is not eligible for Steam and Console adventurers.

The Drakania Awakening update features new content, including:

- Trion, an exclusive new Awakening weapon is a combination of two spears–one empowered with raging winds and the other empowered with a raging fire. Drakania wields both in tandem, unleashing relentless stabs, slices and strikes.

- Drakania’s ‘Hexeblood’ and ‘Dragonblood’ forms. Drakania can switch between these two forms, each offering its own modifiers to Drakania’s attacks.

- Drakania’s Awakening Stance. Drakania’s unique features allow her to remain in her Awakening stance without switching between Awakening and Pre-Awakening.

- Melee-based Combat. The Drakania class is a melee-based class with excellent movement skills to help close the gap on enemies.

Drakania’s Awakening introduces a set of new Primary Skills for the character:

- Aerial Burst: Unleash the might of Dragons upon enemies nearby, then drive Drakania’s Trion into enemies’ hearts.

- Doombringer: Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, ascend, then come crashing down to the ground.

- Tectonic Slam (Hexeblood): Combine both spears to channel the winds then charge toward the enemy.

- Tectonic Slam (Dragonblood): Combine both spears, then unleash the winds forward to push back the enemy.

- Sundering Roar (Hexeblood): Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, then unleash them forward. Set the Trion’s right spear aflame, then leave a burning claw mark on the round.

- Sundering Roar (Dragonblood): Channel the winds into the Trion’s left spear, then call upon the might of Dragons to unleash an earth-shattering roar forward. The lingering destructive Dragon breath decimates all enemies ahead.

The company also announced significant tech updates that will now offer a frame rate of 120 FPS on PlayStation 5, creating a smoother gameplay experience for Black Desert Console.