Pearl Abyss Implements Covid Ready Best Practices

In response to the looming threat of Covid-19, companies across the private sector have been busy implementing in-house policies to deal with the on-going pandemic. Pearl Abyss hasn’t been an exception. In addition to forming a dedicated ‘Corona Task Force Team (Corona TFT),’ Pearl Abyss has launched several other preventive measures to keep its team safe. These measures were put in place not only to communicate critical updates on company policies to the team, but also help undertake rapid-response measures in the event that any of its members contracts Covid-19 or comes into contact with a confirmed carrier of the virus. 

The Corona TFT at Pearl Abyss uses the company’s electronic displays and in-house messenger program to relay company-wide notices concerning the outbreak and promotes company-wide campaigns focused on preventative measures such as mask wearing and other safety precautions deemed necessary to manage the pandemic.  

Mandatory Temperature Checks and Full-Body Disinfectant Booths 

Staff and visitors arriving at Pearl Abyss are immediately met by a temperature scanner and full-body disinfectant booth in our 1st floor lobby. Several hand-held, high-precision temperature scanning devices are also at the ready to take secondary temperature measurements if necessary. 

All staff and visitors are required to pass through the temperature scanner and full-body disinfectant booth before they are permitted entry into any office building.  

Pearl Abyss fully endorses the wearing of masks and considers them to be one of the most effective means of keeping the wearer, their family members, and the community safe from an outbreak. In keeping with this spirit, Pearl Abyss distributes free KF80 (or higher) masks from its information desk. Those not wearing masks are also prohibited from entering all office buildings. 

Separate Dining Stalls 

The Pearl Abyss cafeteria has had to make several adjustments to keep in line with the company’s Covid-19 safety precautions. In addition to adjusting dining hours for all Pearl Abyss employees to prevent crowding in the cafeteria, all seats have also been enclosed with individual transparent panels to keep diners protected. Individually packaged eating utensils have also been prepared for all diners who choose to eat in the cafeteria. These measures do, however, make it difficult for diners to talk to each other.

[ Seats installed with see-through panels ] 

In addition, all seats in the Pearl Abyss café have been removed, and drinks can only be ordered to go. Designated beverage serving hours have also been put into effect to prevent large crowds from gathering in the café. Although these measures were taken to counter the threat of Covid-19, the Corona TFT at Pearl Abyss shares in the pain of all members of the company and hopes that the day will soon come when everything returns to normal.