Pearl Abyss News

A Master of Sound at Work

Pearl Abyss continues in its efforts to raise a new standard for the quality of its games by, not only further developing its proprietary game-engine, but also its in-game sounds as well. In addition to its art, programming, and design, Pearl Abyss has placed a considerable effort to give its in-game sounds a sense of originality. 

Audio Director and Composer Hwiman Ryu, who has been heading the Audio Department at Pearl Abyss since 2012, is one of the most well-known composers in the South Korean game audio scene and is best known for his work on EZ2DJ and DJMAX. In 2017, Director Ryu and the Audio Department at Pearl Abyss undertook a massive project to record the sounds for Black Desert Remastered. 

The sounds for Black Desert Remastered were rerecorded by having the scores of existing midi format digital music played live by an orchestra, and doing so proved to stir up quite a sensation. 240 pre-existing digitally produced songs were rerecorded through a far-reaching collaborative project that was conducted by orchestras from three different countries. These efforts produced a masterpiece of 220 songs with a total run time of 660 minutes. 

In addition to the sounds for Black Desert Remastered, the O'dyllita theme songs were also recorded in collaboration with the orchestras mentioned above. The O'dyllita piano concertos were composed by Director Ryu. The songs embodied the form of a classical orchestral symphony and a sophisticated piano concerto. The songs were recorded in collaboration with Staatskapelle Weimar, one of the oldest, most illustrious orchestras in the world, and rising star German pianist Charlotte Steppes.