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Abyss One: The Magnus Arrives to Black Desert Online

Oct 19, 2022

Manhattan Beach, CA — October 19, 2022 — Today, Pearl Abyss launched Abyss One: The Magnus in Black Desert Online, allowing players to visit an alternate realm that coexists alongside the world of Black Desert. Starting today, players can also earn ghoulish goodies during Black Desert Online and Black Desert Mobile’s Halloween events.

Abyss One: The Magnus

The Magnus is a realm separate from the Black Desert world without the limitations of time and space. Players in The Magnus can travel to Abysses, where they will encounter storylines that explore the anomalies of this new world. Adventurers must overcome unique challenges with their wits, creativity, and Magnus-exclusive gear to complete missions. Watch the Abyss One: The Magnus trailer here.

Players can enter The Magnus through wells located in large Black Desert cities such as Balenos, Serendia, and Calpheon. The Magnus can also be used as a transportation system to freely move items across different warehouses in the world. 

Once players complete all main quests in The Magnus, they will receive:

A “PEN (V) Boss Defense Gear,” one of the best gear for protecting new Adventurers

The ability to travel between large cities through The Magnus

Please note that traveling consumes silver if players exit The Magnus from a different portal than the point of entrance

The ability to access all inventory items regardless of their location in the game

Players can move and store inventory items from warehouses in large Black Desert cities through a storage keeper

An “Abyssal Legacy” skill, allowing players to combine two skills into a single, more powerful skill

The “Abyssal Legacy” skill can be learned once per class. Players obtain this skill by using the “[Secret Book] Abyssal Legacy” item

Watch the Abyss One developer commentary video here.

Halloween Events

Players can see the spooky side of Black Desert Online today through November 2 with Marni’s Spooky Playground, a mysterious area filled with curious quests, costumes, and player-enhancing buffs. Earn Halloween Item Exchange Coupons by completing quests and exchanging them for valuable items for gear enhancement and more.

Black Desert Mobile players can also get in on the frightening festivities with in-game Halloween events and themed rewards from today through the end of October.

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Media assets for Abyss One can be found here.

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