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Final Season of Path of Glory Begins in Black Desert Mobile

Nov 1, 2022

Manhattan Beach, CA — November 1, 2022 — Pearl Abyss today announced that Season 10 of the PvE content ‘Path of Glory’ will begin in Black Desert Mobile. This final season of the Family dungeon introduces new features including permanent Emblems and Fairy Brooches, which will help characters’ progression.

In the Path of Glory, players select up to six characters from their Family to defend a gate from hordes of persistent enemies. The last season of Path of Glory adds a new difficulty level of Rift 19 where players will encounter enraged bosses such as Red Nose, Giath, Bheg and Muskan. Players who complete the season will receive permanent Emblems which will provide extra stats to all characters in players’ Family. 

Player progression is expanded further this season through Gemstones, which can be added to Primal or higher-grade Emblems to make them even stronger. Each Gemstone can be enhanced using “Tus’ Breath” which can be obtained by completing the Tus’ Nest Dungeon. 

Fairy Outfits and Brooches

Players looking for new ways to strengthen the bond with their Fairy can now equip Fairy Outfits and Brooches. Fairy Brooches will become available for players who complete the quest ‘Fairy Meets Fashion’ and players will be able to enhance Brooches, which in turn will provide PvP damage reduction to a character. 

Black Desert Mobile November Events

Players can also earn rewards through several events in November, including:

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