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Dec 18, 2023

Annual Community Event Unveils Land of the Morning Light: Seoul Expansion, New Female Class ‘Scholar’ On All Platforms, Dozens of Quality of Life Improvements, and Instant, Free Outfits and Log-in Rewards

Manhattan Beach, CA — December 18, 2023 — This past weekend, Pearl Abyss connected with its community at the 'Ivex Studio' in Gwangmyeong, South Korea, showering Adventurers with good news in person and virtually via Twitch and YouTube livestreams. From the brand new class, “Scholar,” due out next week on PC and Mobile, to the expansion sequel, Land of the Morning Light: Seoul, to the many improvements players have clamored for, the MMORPG developer gave more than 250 attending Black Desert Adventurers reason to cheer.

Black Desert Executive Producer Jaehee Kim tantalized Adventurers with a roadmap and key themes for Black Desert’s direction in 2024. Kim emphasized key pillars such as 'Character Growth Motivators,” 'Player Goals,” and 'Simplification' as crucial themes to Black Desert’s future evolution, explaining that perfecting existing elements will guide the game’s future development for years to come.

In appreciation of players’ continued support, all Black Desert Online and Black Desert Console players will be able to redeem a special coupon code (found here) that unlocks two outfit boxes featuring outfits released in 2023, 4,000 Cron Stones, Valk’s Advice (+150) X2, two highly-desirable J’s Hammers (to safeguard their gear enhancement levels), plus more.

Get all of the new Black Desert assets below:

  • Watch both Black Desert Online Scholar combat and preview trailers on YouTube
  • Watch both Black Desert Console Scholar combat and preview trailers on YouTube
  • Watch both Black Desert Mobile Scholar combat and preview trailers on YouTube
  • Download all platform trailers, key art, and screenshots here

During the event, the following was announced:

Introducing The New Class “Scholar” This Week

Black Desert's 27th new class, the Scholar, will be playable almost immediately. Black Desert Mobile players can start tomorrow, Tuesday, December 19, while Black Desert Online players can join the action on Wednesday, December 20. The Scholar class is also scheduled to make its debut on Black Desert Console sometime next year.

A renowned alchemist and physicist, Scholar controls gravity and wields devastating twin hammers. Scholar ventures out on a dangerous quest to find a cure for the plague that is ravaging the Black Desert continent and that endangers her own survival. In her search for a cure, she learns how to manipulate the power of gravity and wields it to save herself but also to unleash its powerful destructive force upon any foe who stands in her path.


Unlike most of Black Desert's classes, Scholar gains access to a second set of skills through 'ascension' rather than awakening. Once unlocked, she can wield the Sledgehammer, a two-handed weapon combining two hammers. The concept behind this weapon’s power is Scholar’s ability to manipulate gravity to wield weapons far beyond her normal ability and alter enemy gravity, tilting each fight to her advantage.

Not to be outdone by others, Scholar loves fashion. The newly revealed 'Magnum Opus' is an exclusive costume for Scholar, inspired by the costumes of Renaissance scholars. It was designed to emphasize Scholar's ‘geeky’ side as an alchemist and physicist. The eye and light symbols and embellishments represent the brilliance of a human being who has stepped into the realm of the divine. 

New Expansion Land of the Morning Light: Seoul Coming in 2024

Continuing from last year’s highly acclaimed Land of the Morning Light, Adventurers can dive into the extensive Land of the Morning Light: Seoul expansion in 2024. This sequel will feature an exciting story set in medieval Seoul, where one can explore culturally iconic real-life places originating from the Joseon Dynasty, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanyang Yukjo Street, and Gyeonghoeru Pavilion. 

Similar to the mythological boss encounters found in the original Land of the Morning Light, players can challenge eight totally new bosses derived from Korean folklore and myth. Unlike the original Black Shrine content focused on a single player fighting a single boss, these new boss fights enable a large group of guild members to collectively attack their opponent. 

Land of the Morning Light: Seoul also will introduce a new swordsman class, unique to the new territory. This descendant of Unsa will wield a sword and a “Gombangdae”, a traditional Korean smoking pipe, and players who choose him will enjoy an action-rich, immersive, and poignant storyline.

Improving Adventurers’ Quality of Life in 2024

After listening to extensive direct player feedback, Pearl Abyss will make a series of adjustments and improvements, adding balance throughout 2024 to improve existing gameplay and quality of life experiences to please its hardcore veteran and new players alike. 

To make traveling simple, the Magnus system will be improved to avoid multiple loading screens, and instant teleportation to Black Shrine and Atoraxxion content will be supported. To help navigate Black Desert’s expansive terrain more efficiently, ping checks will be introduced in the desert and ocean with a compass, as well as a Dream horse for all new Adventurers.

The development team is intent on de-cluttering players’ lives with item simplification. Existing tiers and item types, such as Black Stones, products from farming, seeds, crystals, mount equipment, and Reform Stones, will be consolidated and/or removed to reduce their complexity.

For more details on the Serendia Quest Remaster and quality of life changes to the Guild Systems, Enhancement System, Season Server, Unification of Life Skill Levels and more, go to the Black Desert Website here!

Black Desert Console Updates

To celebrate this year’s Calpheon Ball every console Adventurer will receive Vell’s Heart. This item grants players with additional stats to help them on their adventure.

The Elvia monster zone for the Calpheon region will be updated this winter with challenging monsters, interesting mechanics, and higher value rewards.

Last but not least, Pearl Abyss aims to show a working next-gen build of Black Desert Console next summer. This substantial update will include many improvements that pave the way for a better player experience on console in the years to come.

Black Desert Mobile Updates

Alongside the other platforms, Black Desert Mobile will gear up for exhilarating updates with the much-anticipated Scholar class debut this week. Players can delve into more comprehensive details on the Scholar’s combat style and primary skills here.

Players also should brace themselves for the ‘Winter’ Season, which promises accelerated character growth and gameplay guidance. Those who graduate the season can receive the Brilliant Crystal Chest, which contains a max stat Dimensional Crystal and Ah’krad Crystal.

In celebration of the 2023 Calpheon Ball, mobile players can receive a 200% Hot Time buff until Tuesday, December 19. Mobile players also should obtain six special coupons for exclusive rewards like Black Pearls, Restoration Scrolls, and more. Click here for more details.

Mobile players will see more welcome updates such as the introduction of succession skills, Black Spirit Mode for additional rewards, quest content simplification for newcomers, and a refreshed Great Desert. For a comprehensive overview, visit the Black Desert Mobile official website.

Heidel Ball Dates and Location

Pearl Abyss also revealed the location and date of the 2024 Heidel Ball. The annual community event will be held on June 22, 2024 in Beynac-et-Cazenac, a French village, upon which the Heidel region in the game is based. More details to be revealed in 2024.