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Pearl Abyss Youth Hackathon: Dinga Ding Project

Building on from last year, Pearl Abyss continued to support the dreams and growth of young people by hosting the 'Pearl Abyss Youth Hackathon – Dinga Ding Project' once more. 


This year's event was named 'Coding the Possibilities of Coding - Dinga Ding Project' to show our emphasize our commitment to providing opportunities for young people to explore their dreams of game development and their limitless potential. 


We traveled across the country to teach the basics of game development and provide hands-on experiences. Participants formed teams to mirror real game development roles in game design, art, and programming, culminating in a hackathon where each team completed a project. 


This year, regional preliminaries were held in Imsil, Taean, Jeongseon, Gimhae, and more. Students who excelled in these preliminaries were invited to the Pearl Abyss headquarters in Gwacheon for the final competition. 



Pearl Abyss employees actively volunteered as Dinga Ding supporters to share their talents. 
The children had their games reviewed by current game developers, who provided mentoring and answered questions about game development. 



During the first day, participants toured the headquarters, received mentoring on game development, and prepared for the final competition. On the second day, they presented their games to judges, showcasing and explaining their projects. This two-day final hackathon was filled with new and enriching experiences. 



Watch the video to see the meaningful moments shared with the future stars of the gaming industry. 



Pearl Abyss will strive to inspire the youth with 'joyful memories' and 'precious experiences' so that they can imagine a brighter future.