Pearl Abyss News

Donation Activities with Adventurers

Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile are committed to making the world a warmer place through ongoing charitable efforts. 

These donation activities are particularly meaningful because they are created and supported by our adventurers. 

Walking alongside our adventurers, enjoying games, sharing memories at pop-up stores, and donating to those in need! 

Through various activities, such as fulfilling the hopes and dreams of children, we spread love and good wishes.


# Make-A-Wish 


Continuing from last year, we held a special event to fulfill the wishes of children with critical illnesses in partnership with Make-A-Wish Korea. 

When donation-related events are held, the participation from adventurers often exceeds our expectations. 

Thanks to this enthusiastic participation, we were able to surpass our goals and convey the heartfelt contributions of our adventurers. 



The children invited to Pearl Abyss's Home One shared that games helped them endure their tough treatments, providing them with strength and hope. 

We organized various activities throughout our headquarters to give the children a meaningful and enjoyable experience exploring different aspects of a gaming company. 



They experienced an orientation, a tour of the headquarters, and an exhibition space, spending a full day as if they were new employees. 

To grant the wish of a child who endured treatment with the help of games, and to give them even more hope and encouragement, we gifted them a gaming laptop, bringing their wish to a joyful conclusion. 



# Black Desert Celebrates 3000 Days with a Donation Event 


In celebration of the 3000th day of Black Desert's service, a special donation event was held, raising 30 million KRW. This generous contribution was donated to Good Neighbors, a global child rights NGO, to support efforts in preventing malnutrition and improving the nutrition of underprivileged children. 


The 'Adventurer's Nutritional Snack Packs', created in the name of Black Desert adventurers, were delivered to children at local community centers. Witnessing the joy on the children's faces as they received their lunchboxes filled us with pride and happiness. 



# 4th Anniversary of Direct Service in Korea’s 'Big Walk Donation Campaign'


On May 30th, to celebrate the 4th anniversary of Black Desert’s direct service in Korea, adventurers participated in the 'Happiness is Bigger Together! Walk with Black Desert Around the World!' Big Walk donation campaign. Thanks to our enthusiastic adventurers, the step goal was quickly reached.


The 20 million KRW raised through the Big Walk campaign was donated to the Greenlight Foundation to support standing wheelchairs for children with disabilities at the public special needs school, Hankuk Woojin School. 



# Land of the Morning Light Pop-up Store Merchandise Sales Proceeds Donated 


Finally, all proceeds from the sale of limited-edition goods at the 'Land of the Morning Light Pop-up Store,' held at 'Hiker Ground' throughout April, were donated to the support travel projects for children and youth from vulnerable social groups via the Greenlight Foundation.



The children and students who received the donations are traveling across the country during their vacation and have been sending photos from various places.


Additionally, on Saturday, July 1st, the 'Black Desert Festa' was held, where Black Desert adventurers could participate in various on-site events. The proceeds from the 'Black Desert Festa' ticket sales will be used to purchase summer gifts for the children at the 'Good Home' orphanage in Anyang, where Pearl Abyss hosts the annual 'Terrmian Beach' event every summer. 



Thanks to the many Black Desert adventurers who participate in the events, Pearl Abyss is able to conduct more meaningful donations. Moving forward, Pearl Abyss will continue to work alongside adventurers to provide hope and support to children in need.