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Mar 6, 2024

New Console-Specific Infographic Conveys the Top PlayStation and Xbox Players, Deadliest Monsters, Most Popular Pet and More During This Month-Long, Reward-Filled Anniversary

Manhattan Beach, CA — March 6, 2024 — Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss updated its flagship MMORPG Black Desert Console today with the newest class, ‘Scholar’, a hammer-wielding alchemist known for her swift attacks and immense power. Adventurers who already own Black Desert Console immediately can try her out for free.

Scholar is just the tip of the iceberg for the jam-packed month of March, a celebratory period of multi-tier events, in-game rewards, and a telling new infographic full of interesting player behaviors.

Watch Black Desert Console 4 Year Anniversary Video on YouTube
Watch Black Desert Console Scholar preview and combat trailers here and here
Download the Anniversary Key Art, Videos, Infographic and Scholar assets here

New Improved Scholar for PlayStation, Xbox
The 27th class on Black Desert Console is a master manipulator of gravity. Using her two hammer types, Hammers and Gravity Cores, Scholar’s command of gravity enables her to trick enemies with unpredictable movements and overwhelming counter force.

Xbox and PlayStation players will benefit from a slew of improvements based on PC player feedback ranging from smoother, faster animations on uneven terrain, expanded combo options, a strengthened Flow: Golden Thunder CC skill, and increased mobility. 

Console-Player Infographic Trends
Pearl Abyss’ console-focused infographic spotlights key numerical behaviors and trends (Hours! Defeats! Mythical Horses!) generated by Xbox and PlayStation players. Black Desert Console players are dedicated: As many as 292 players achieved the 30,000-hour mark in Black Desert Console.

Many of those same players experienced the Black Shrine Boss, Songakshi (from the Land of the Morning Light expansion), who was the hardest Black Shrine Boss to beat in 2023. On the other end, the Bamboo Legion Lieutenants were the most defeated Black Shine Bosses.

Who was the toughest overall monster in Black Desert Console? The deadliest monster who killed the most Adventurers across three territories was Gyfin Rhasia Flamen (NA) and Nightmarish Kzarka (EU and Asia). See our full infographic here for more cool stats! 

Anniversary Events Galore
Console players will immediately enjoy a bevy of events, contests, and sales to jump into. From the 400% Hot Time Event, Special Title Event, the Scholar Level-Up Challenge Event, the “Find David Finto’s Cake” Event, the Special (2,200 Cron Stones) Login Rewards, or the Seals of Sincerity Event, players will have their hands full of fun, challenging ways to collect and upgrade! Check the Black Desert Console page for more details.

Pearl Abyss continues to push the boundaries of MMORPG experiences and fosters its global gaming communities. For more information, please check the official Black Desert Console. To stay up to date with the latest happenings in Black Desert, follow the game on Facebook, X and YouTube. All Black Desert Console announcement assets can be found here.