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Pearl Abyss Gives a Sneak Peek of Its Next-Generation Game Engine at SIGGRAPH

In July 2019, Pearl Abyss participated in the world’s largest computer graphics conference, SIGGRAPH, and hosted a lecture on next-generation, game-engine graphics technology. When the performance metrics of the new game engine were introduced, some members of the audience even touted that the next-generation engine under development by Pearl Abyss had already surpassed the performance of some well-known commercial game engines currently in use across the world. 

Pearl Abyss’ proprietary game engine is currently being developed to ▲realize the highest levels of graphics rendering complete with natural lighting effects and realistic graphics textures,  ▲take its titles to the highest levels of perfection, ▲ensure the shortest development lead times, ▲support cross-platform compatibility, ▲and support streaming and cloud services expected to become the mainstay of the coming 5G era. All of Pearl Abyss’ new titles are being developed alongside the company’s next-generation game engine. 

Pearl Abyss is committed to developing a proprietary game engine to meet the demands of the global market. Ever since its inception, Pearl Abyss’ proprietary game engine has given the company the means to speed up its development process and the ability to create optimized content across different platforms. Pearl Abyss’ proprietary game engine has allowed the company to respond to the ever-changing needs of the market and achieve self-sustaining status as an autonomous game developer that is free from the restraints of otherwise monopolized game engine technologies. 

# Tell us what it felt like to deliver a lecture at SIGGRAPH 

It was an absolute honor to represent Pearl Abyss at the world’s most renowned and largest conference on computer graphics. I spent a lot of time and effort preparing the best lecture I possibly could and did so in the belief that it was all only possible because I was part of the team at Pearl Abyss. 

# What can we expect from Pearl Abyss’ next-generation game engine 

Pearl Abyss isn’t the type of company that attempts to reap success by blanketing the market with multiple titles. Rather than focusing on quantity, Pearl Abyss aims to release triple-A worthy titles that will leave a lasting impression on users for many years to come. Therefore, I personally believe that it is crucial that a game company has a team of highly skilled developers and a commitment to maintain high quality game services. Each and every person at Pearl Abyss is working hard on existing and new titles to achieve the highest levels of perfection both in terms of quality and optimization. 

# Can you tell us what your lectures were about? 

(Kwanghyeon Go) I presented an effective means of naturally rendering light according to changes in atmospheric conditions such as cloud and fog formations and the like. In the past, different atmospheric conditions necessitated the individualized rendering of light for each of the conditions. The team at Pearl Abyss developed a means of rendering light that naturally changes in real-time according to the shifts of atmospheric conditions. Factors that affect lighting conditions in real-life such as humidity, altitude, ozone interference, and the density of clouds were all accounted for in the method I presented. 

(Kyungjoon Cho) I presented a voxel-based means of computing indirect lighting effects. The limitations of existing cone tracing methods were overcome by minimizing voxel computing costs through the use of render values on display and by introducing ray marching. I also presented some insights as to how my findings could be linked to hardware-based ray tracing in the future.