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A Special Encounter at Jarasum Jazz Festival, “Jazz in Black Desert”

Jarasum Jazz Festival - “Jazz in Black Desert”

Pearl Abyss has been conducting a project where people can experience the joy of the gaming world in their daily lives through music from our game. 

The project involved rearranging the music from Black Desert into jazz pieces and planning a concert called, 'Jazz in Black Desert.' 

This special jazz concert featured the Pearl Abyss music director, Ryu Hwi-man and renowned Korean jazz pianist Lim Mi-jeong!

The 'Jazz in Black Desert' music resounded at the Jarasum Jazz Festival. 


A live performance featuring the majestic and emotional Black Desert OST was arranged into mesmerizing jazz melodies. The passionate and rhythmic performance of the musicians allowed the audience to feel as if they had entered the world of Black Desert. 

The captivating performances of 'Jazz in Black Desert,' showcasing six individual performances and sene-sketch videos at the Jarasum Jazz Festival, can be viewed on the official PEARL ABYSS MUSIC YouTube channel, 


Experience the captivating golden autumn of “Jazz in Black Desert.” 

Pearl Abyss will continue striving to bring the joys of gaming into daily life through various activities.