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Coding the Future! Pearl Abyss Youth Hackathon Competition, “DingaDing Project”

Pearl Abyss held a youth hackathon contest called “DingaDing Project,” in support of their dreams and stature, the future of the next-generation game industry. 

The DingaDing Project hosted by Pearl Abyss carries the message of “coding the future,” and provides youth with an opportunity to freely explore their potential for coding. 

The event was held in cooperation with Sapiens 4.0, a non-profit specialized educational institution, in small towns of provinces where there was a clear lack of access to coding education. Students were taught the basics of game development and were provided with the opportunity to delve into the subject matter. Then students were divided up into teams and assigned roles such as planning, art, and programming tasks — similar to the actual stages of game development — and completed a team-based project as part of the hackathon contest.

Students from Naju, Yeongam, and Hwasun, who achieved excellence in performance, were able to participate in the hackathon finals held at Home One, the Pearl Abyss headquarters. 

The students spent the night at Home One where they got to enjoy a day full of new experiences such as special lectures on game development, participating in the hackathon events, visiting science museums, and of course, go on a tour of the Pearl Abyss office! 


To get of glimpse of the shining stars of our future, check out the video of special moments! ↓ ↓

Pearl Abyss will continue to inspire hope for a better tomorrow by creating precious memories and experiences with the world!