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Calpheon Ball: Connecting With Users All Over the World.

Pearl Abyss revealed the roadmap update for Black Desert at the Calpheon Ball in December 2022. 


The 2022 Calpheon Ball, which was held outside of Korea for the first time, was attended by more than 200 local users from Los Angeles, USA. It was broadcast live in nine different languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, and Turkish to Adventurers around the world.  


The Calpheon Ball for Black Desert Mobile was held at Home One, the new office of Pearl Abyss, where around 250 users were invited from various regions to be a part of the celebratory event. 

For this Calpheon Ball, Black Desert Online and Mobile announced their first twin classes “Woosa” and “Maegu,” to the game, and showcase a new trailer of the story and the characters in the “Land of the Morning Light.” The excitement of the adventurers in the audience and in the livestream was palpable. 

Jaehee Kim, the Black Desert Executive Producer shared important words at the ball. “Our hearts are set to make anything come true in the world of Black Desert for our users. We don’t want to set boundaries, but rather overcome them, continuously.” The intent of his message was to go beyond our limits and mold Black Desert into the world that users wished to see through constant communication. 

Photo dump of the exciting day! 

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