We Promise Only the Best
For those who Strive to be the Best

Optimizing Work Environment

Our policy is to spare no expense for our staff members.
We provide the finest working environment in the industry,
including high quality equipment and refreshments to support our working staff.

Best Benefits of the Gaming Industry

The well-being of staff members is crucial to to any successful gaming company.
We believe in taking care of our staff and their families to promote sustainable growth.
Our staff are given benefits such as residence support, family care, healthcare, family events to anniversary gifts.

Quality of Life is important to us

  • Residential Expense Support

    Monthly residential rent expenses supported up to 500,000 KRW for staff members who reside in the Anyang/Gwacheon/Uiwang/Gunpo areas and equivalent amount of loan interest subsidy provided for those who live in other regions.

  • Family Event Bonuses and Funeral Services

    Various benefits for the employees' family such as holidays, birthdays, wedding anniversary bonus, as well as providing support for funeral services.

  • Hair Salon Services

    Free haircut once a month in a high-quality hair salon exclusively contracted with Pearl Abyss.

  • Massage Chair & Massage Therapy

    Healing Room where we have the finest massage chairs and masseurs to help staff members to relax and recover.

  • Group Accident Insurance

    Group Accident Insurance Program supports staff members and encompasses their spouse, parents from both sides, the staff's children.

  • Free Dental Care

    Dental fees supported up to 2.55 million KRW annually for employees.

  • General Medical Check-up

    Free medical check-ups once a year with medical leaves.

  • Bank Drop By Services

    Visiting bank clerks at the office to take care of tedious paperwork.

  • Wedding Preparations

    Wedding halls and wedding dress rentals are supported for marriages.

  • Housekeeping Services

    Single, unmarried staff members who live alone are supported with housekeeping services once a month.

  • Installment Savings Account

    Installment savings account subsidized by government and corporate funding to help the finances of our young staff members.

Your Family is Our Family

  • Child Rearing Expenses Payment

    Child-rearing expenses supported up to 500,000 KRW monthly for employees with children.

  • Employee Children Scholarships

    University Scholarship for employees' children supported up to 7 Million KRW annually.

  • Convalescent Medical Expenses

    Convalescent medical expenses supported up to 400,000 KRW monthly for employees and their families, including the employees' spouse's parents.

  • Infertility Treatments

    We provide financial support for married couples undergoing fertility treatment with no limit to the number of treatments.

  • School Admission Gifts for Children

    Employees with children entering elementary school are provided 300,000 KRW worth of benefits for school supplies.

  • Anniversary Gifts

    Wedding anniversary gifts are prepared and delivered at a time and place of the employee's choice.

  • Family Days

    Family programs where family members of the staff can also participate and enjoy in Pearl Abyss Events.

  • Pet Insurance

    Financial assistance for veterinary medical insurances to help our staff members with pets.

We Encourage Growth

  • Group Study Programs

    Group Study Programs on the latest gaming technology such as AI, 3D Graphics, PBR, DB and etc.

  • Company Funded Debit Card

    We give out company funded debit cards with an annual grant of 2.04 Million KRW (Monthly 170,000 KRW) for each employee to use freely.

  • Book Purchase Fees

    Supporting purchasing fees for work-related books.

  • Fitness Center

    Employees can use high-quality fitness centers for free.

Best Benefits for Our Staff

  • First-rate Benefits in the Industry

    Our newest staff members receive an annual starting salary of 33 Million - 42 Million KRW.

  • High Quality Equipment and System

    Best equipment in the industry including 3D scanners, motion capture equipment, and VR appliances available to our staff members.

  • Business Class Flights

    Business class flights are subsidized along with other full-paid travel expenses.

  • Discouraged Overtimes

    Pearl Abyss complies to work hour regulations stated in the LABOR STANDARDS ACT (Republic of Korea). All overtime hours are paid accordingly.

  • Various Reward Programs

    Stock Option & Share Incentive Plans along with other employee awards are granted according to performance and contribution to company growth.

  • Rewards for Long-serving Employees

    Long-serving employees in Pearl Abyss will be granted a 30-day vacation leave and a paid vacation expense granted to 10 million KRW.

  • Other Food and Beverages

    Free breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the company cafeteria along with a variety of fruits, snacks and vitamins.

  • Enjoying Culture

    Our recreational space has everything from comic books to rooms for resting, sleeping and showering facilities.

  • Cafetaria

    Experienced baristas here at Pearl Abyss provide freshly-brewed coffee and other beverages of top standards all for free using premium coffee beans and other fresh materials.

  • Free Parking Space

    Allocated parking spaces in close proximity to the office for employees who drive to work.

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