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Our Core Values


We are not afraid to
venture forward and persevere
in the face of challenges.


We are driven in our passion
to realize our goals and futures
instead of remaining in the present.


Trust and Respect between people
builds sustainability and progress,
leading everyone to be better.

Different People
Building Experience
Creating Games

  • Programming
  • Art
  • Game Design
  • Audio
  • Business
  • Game Service
  • Management Support


We deal with a variety of programming languages such as C++, Object-C, Python, all in different environments from Window, IOS, Android, Xbox to PS4 while we develop our games and proprietary engine.
  • Game Engine Programming
  • Gameplay Programming
  • Platform Programming
  • DB
  • Web Programming


Art team's work involves rendering, processing, and managing in-game resources including characters, background environment, concept art for in-game objects, graphic modelling, animation, visual effect presentation, and UI/UX design. Our goal is to maximize and streamline our players' experience and we are proud to say that our standards in creative art and visual processing hover at global levels.
  • Effects
  • Character Concept & Modelling
  • Animation
  • BX
  • Environment Modelling & Level Design
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX

Game Design

Game design is about planning, aligning, and recreating game elements to produce new game contents. Communicating with other teams to embetter game design is a crucial part of our work. We actively discuss with other teams on everything from character and monster motions, AI, Game design and balances, and UI. Our job is to make sure that the game is full of fun. Black Desert, Black Desert Mobile, Shadow Arena have all been through this intense feedback process. We also work on new characters and region updates after the game release.
  • PC Action & Balance
  • Monster Movement & AI
  • Game Economy
  • Scenario
  • UI/UX


We create and design audio resources through music composition, sound effects, voice recording and also handle audio middleware and scripts to handle datas on our proprietary engine. Mixing and composing original music in promotion videos is part of our work as well.
  • Composing
  • Sound-Effects Design


Discovering new opportunities, building new business models, and forming new business strategies is what Game Business is all about. Planning and executing marketing strategies to maximize revenue and analyzing data to define market needs along with presenting insight into the industry is a vital part of running a gaming company.
  • Business Development
  • Data Analysis (BI)
  • Marketing

Game Service

We aspire to create a better gaming environment by planning, providing, and improving global services around the world along with localizing our services to each specific region. We strive to build secure systems and networks to protect our company's information and to provide trust and safety to our users.
  • Game Management
  • Localization
  • QA
  • Information Security
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Web Service
  • PM

Management Support

Organization is about managing resources so that each team may focus on their own business goals and activities. Our staff in Public Relations, HR, Legal, Finance support daily operations to run seamlessly and ensure that the most optimum work environments, along with other benenfits, are readily provided to our employees.
  • Public Relations
  • HR
  • Benefits
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • General Affairs

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